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About us
Dana got her start in music singing in the church choir. She took piano lessons for awhile but never quite caught on to reading music. She got her first guitar when she was 6 and mostly learned to play by watching and listening to others. When she was 12 she got her first drum set. In highschool she played drums in the Stage, Marching and Concert bands, Orchestra and Pit Orchestra for the school plays. Dana formed a rock band in her senior year of high school in which she was the drummer and lead vocalist. They played mostly the hits of the 70's. Back then, the Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Pat Benetar, and the Eagles where her musical influences. When the rock band broke up Dana hung up her sticks for awhile and concentrated more on learning the guitar. Still trying to find her nitch in life she attended the Recording Workshop school in hopes of becoming a recording engineer. When she returned from school she joined a country band playing drums and singing lead and background vocals. After learning the do's and don'ts of running a professional band playing for other people, she formed her own Country band (Dana Lee and the Bootleg Band) where she was the lead vocalist, rythm guitar player, fill in bass guitar player, sound engineer and manager. In the last two years of the Bootleg country band, Dana hired Howie to play lead guitar and sing the male vocal leads and harmomy. When the country band broke up Dana and Howie formed the Acoustic Duo.
The day after the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show, Howie started Guitar lessons. After a few months he decided that the "book learning" was not for him and set out for the next 30 years to accumulate a countless number of songs in his repertoire. He started playing in bands when he was 12. His first band was a Folk Trio doing traditional Folk songs. The second group was a Soul band doing the Temptations and James Brown. The third band played Hendrix and 60's psychedelic music. Then came the Marshall Amplifier days when he fronted a blues rock band. After that... clubs, disco, bars and the inevitable Wedding circuit. He has also been involved in two original projects. The latter an experimental band using unconventional instrumentation, which is what he loves the best, next to taking requests from an appreciative audience.
Dana Lee Guthrie
Howie Laskin
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